Smilox Disposable Travel Toothbrush - Pre-pasted 7pk

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The Smilox Disposable Travel Toothbrush comes pre pasted and ready to use. Just remove it from its hygienic package, wet, and start brushing! You'll have a fresh brush anywhere your travels take you.

Disposable Travel Toothbrushes

When you travel, you never know where you'll have to set your toothbrush. The germs a brush can pick up sitting on a bathroom sink overnight can infect your mouth the next morning.

The Travel Toothbrush eliminates this problem. Each brush comes sealed in plastic, so you know it's clean each time you use a new one.

Unlike other pre-pasted bristles, the mint toothpaste on each brush head freshens breath and tastes great. There's no toothpaste required, making it great for those of us looking for bad breath remedies on the go!

The convenient 7 pack is great for a couple on a weekend getaway or someone away on business for a week.

No matter where you go, or why you're going, you can rest easier knowing your toothbrush won't be collecting bacteria to surprise you with in the morning.

7 individually sealed prepasted toothbrushes.
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