drTung's Smart Floss

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Smart Floss from Dr.Tung's helps remove plaque and food particles from between and around teeth. Its unique design enables it to stretch and expand for enhanced comfort and plaque removal. Cardamom flavor. (27m / 30yd)

drTung's Smart Floss

Help clean away food debris, plaque, and tartar with Smart Floss from drTungs.

Its stretchable design allows it to expand into inter-dental spaces for improved cleaning while still being gentle on fingers and gums. Smart Floss can fit into tight or wide spaces, and can even be used while wearing braces.

This cushion-soft, stretchable dental floss is lightly waxed with a blend of natural bees and plant wax and features natural cardamom flavor to help freshen breath with each flossing.

Smart Floss comes in a biodegradable container and contains 30 yards of naturally waxed, gluten-free dental floss.

  • Wrap 45cm (18 inches) of floss around fingers and draw tight.
  • Tug floss then release for it to expand.
  • Gently slide between teeth to clean around the tooth and gums.
  • Repeat between each tooth, using a clean section each time.
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