Voco Remin Pro

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Remin Pro is a water-based cream that helps to strengthen teeth and prevent hypersensitivity. The unique formula contains fluoride, hydroxy apatite, and xylitol to protect teeth by restoring the mineral balance and neutralizing harmful acids from plaque. Mint flavor. (40g)

Voco Remin Pro

Remin Pro helps strengthen, remineralize, and desensitize teeth after whitening, professional cleaning, and orthodontic treatments.

It utilizes a formula containing hydroxyl apatite (calcium and phosphate), fluoride, and xylitol to provide effective protection against demineralization, erosion, and hypersensitivity.

The hydroxyl apatite adheres to the tooth's surface to fill small scratches and cover up exposed dentin. This remineralization smoothes the surface to make the tooth more resistant to erosion, sensitivity, and plaque buildup.

To help improve overall oral health, the fluoride and xylitol work to strengthen teeth, prevent cavities, and reduce the number of harmful bacteria in the mouth.

  1. Apply to teeth with a finger, toothbrush, or swab.
  2. Use tongue to spread around entire mouth.
  3. Leave in mouth for a minimum of 3 minutes for best results.
  4. Spit our remaining amount and do not rinse.
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