DenTek Maximum Protection Dental Guard

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The DenTek Maximum Protection Dental Guard custom forms to teeth to help provide overnight protection from sleep bruxism. It includes a disposable forming tray for easy fitting and features a low profile design for improved comfort. (Includes: 1 dental guard, 1 forming tray, 1 case)

DenTek Professional Fit Maximum Protection Dental Guard

Help protect teeth from nighttime teeth grinding and clenching with the Maximum Protection Dental Guard from DenTek.

It features a low-profile design with 25% less material than many other over-the-counter mouth guards to help improve comfort for easier overnight wear. For additional comfort, the Dental Guard comes with a disposable forming tray to help create a superior customized fit.

The dental night guard from DenTek is BPA and latex free, and comes with a convenient storage case to protect the mouthguard when not in use.

Kit includes: 1 dental guard, 1 forming tray, and 1 storage case
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