Peroxium Whitening Tray Case

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The Peroxium Whitening Tray Case is a great way to make sure that your whitening trays stay clean and safe between each whitening application. These durable cases are available in white.

Peroxium Whitening Tray Case

Remolding D.I.Y. trays or reordering new custom trays can be costly and time consuming. Storing trays in a Peroxium Tray Case will protect them between each application of your favorite whitening gel.

These Whitening Tray Boxes are also a great way to make sure that your trays stay clean. Keeping them in a Peroxium case will help protect your mouth from bacteria that can collect on trays that are just left out on a sink.

Keeping the cases clean is as easy as washing your hands; just use soap and water!

Size: 3 inches wide x 2.5 inches long x over 1 inch deep
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