Thornton ProxySoft Periodontal Floss

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ProxySoft Periodontal Floss features all-in-one pre-cut strands with built-in threader, brush, and floss sections to help clean around bridges, implants, braces, and large spaces between teeth. (50 pre-cut strands)

ProxySoft Periodontal Floss

Help remove plaque, tartar, and debris from between teeth with ProxySoft Periodontal Floss.

Proxy Soft Periodontal Floss is intended for the daily flossing and brushing of wide spaces between teeth, and is ideal for those with braces, bridges, or implants.

Each strand of the perio floss consists of a floss threader, proxybrush, and floss section. The extra stiff threader is designed to easily guide the strand between teeth, around implants, and under bridges and braces. The ultra thick proxy brush is intended to help sweep away plaque and food particles. The nylon floss promotes easier cleaning below the gum line.
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