Smilox Two Minute Toothbrush Timer

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The Smilox Two Minute Toothbrush Timer helps make brushing for the dentist recommended 2 minutes easier for children or adults. Simply flip over the timer when beginning to brush then the sand inside will run for approximately two minutes. (1 timer)

Smilox Two Minute Toothbrush Timer

Support better tooth brushing habits with the Two Minute Toothbrush Timer from Smilox.

The easy to use timer helps keep track of brushing time to promote brushing for two minutes, the time recommended by many dental professionals. Simply turn the timer over to begin then brush until all the sand runs to the bottom.

The 2 Minute Timer is great for teaching kids about proper brushing techniques, or for adults aiming to maintain good oral health.

Includes one toothbrush timer. Assorted colors. Colors may vary.
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